Choose The Right Work Boots When You First Start Out In Construction

Posted on: 15 June 2016

When you work in construction, it is very important that you protect your feet by wearing the right work boots. Many people assume that any boots will be suitable for working on a construction site, but that is not the case. If you plan to start a new career doing construction, use the guide below to learn how to choose the perfect set of work boots.

Choose Boots with Toe Protection

When you are working in construction, heavy things fall from time to time. If something heavy falls on your feet in boots that do not have toe protection, one or more of your toes could be broken. Steel-toed boots are a great option for construction workers because they provide ample protection to your toes. The toe of the boots is lined with strong steel that will not be crushed or dented if something falls on your foot.

Choose Boots that Are Waterproof

When you work in construction, you more than likely will be working during many different weather conditions. You need to wear boots that are waterproof so that your feet can stay dry throughout the workday. If you wear boots that are not waterproof, your socks could bunch up in your boots when they get wet and cause you to develop painful blisters on your feet, which could make it difficult to work.

Choose Boots that Go Above Your Ankle

When you are choosing boots to wear in construction, it is best to choose a pair that lace up slightly above your ankle. This helps to provide your ankle with additional support, which may cut down on how often you twist or sprain your ankle when working on a job site. There are times when the footing on job sites is not very flat and having additional ankle support can be helpful.

Choose Boots with Great Arch Support

When you are working on the job site, you will be on your feet for hours on end. Choosing a pair of work boots with great arch support will make your feet more comfortable throughout the day. When you wear boots that have little to no arch support, it can cause your arch to collapse, which can be very painful and make it difficult to walk.

Try the Boots on First

When choosing a pair of work boots to wear to your new job, take the time to actually try them on before buying them. Lace both boots up the way you will when you wear them to work and walk around the store for a bit to make sure they fit well. Make sure that your foot does not slide around in the boot, that your toes do not feel pinched, and that the boots have the arch support you need.

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