Buying A Farm: Why It's A Good Idea To Hire A Surveyor

Posted on: 12 October 2016

Making the decision to purchase and run a farm can be a daunting one. Not only is it a sizable investment, but you'll expend a great deal of effort into growing crops that can feed you and provide a profit for your family. A land surveyor may not immediately seem necessary as you are searching for the right property, but their assistance can provide the guidance you need to make a smart investment in a suitable farm that can sustain your family.  Here are two reasons to think about getting a land surveyor now.

Subdividing the Farm

During your search for a good farm, it can become concerning to you that the farms available are not the right size for you. They might have more acreage than you feel comfortable with and you might be reluctant to buy more land than you want or need. That's where a land surveyor can be handy; they can guide you through the process of subdividing a large farm so that you can keep the portion you want and sell off the rest to make a profit.

The surveyor will help you analyze the land on any farm you're considering so that you select the best portion for yourself. They will then take a look at the local zoning laws to determine how large the subdivided lots need to be and help you to meet any other requirements for dividing up the property.

Examining Property Lines

Before you make a purchase offer on any farm, it's wise to know as much about the property as you can. A surveyor can acquire the current deed for the farm and ensure that the property lines in the legal description correspond to the real boundaries in place. They can investigate the entire acreage to look for fencing, crops, and other things that are on the property that shouldn't be there. This can give you peace of mind that you'll be able to avoid boundary disputes with neighboring farms or landowners. Disputes like that can be costly and time-consuming, so having a surveyor bring any possible problems to your attention is a good idea before you even purchase a farm. That way, you can talk to the current owner about resolving those issues before a sale is made.

A good land surveyor can give you the information you need to make solid decisions about the farm you'll purchase. Contact an experienced local surveyor to get the help you need.